About the Journal

ALEXANDRIA (Journal of Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship) |p-ISSN : 2774-6453; e-ISSN : 2774-6445|The academic journal published by Postgraduate University of Mataram. The journal will focus on providing quality research in the areas of Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship. The journal welcomes research reports, conceptual works, empirical studies, theoretical application, and book reviews, particularly where it supports the development of Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship studies by enabling a more critical approach of new ideas and concepts.

Areas of research include, but are not limited to, the following:

Economic Growth and Development, Economics of Organizations and Industries, Finance and Investment, Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Global Business, Business Growth and Strategy, Business Simulation, Operation, and Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, Marketing Strategic, Marketing, Marketing and Branding, Innovations, Public Administration, Community development, marketing studies, risk management, education management, accreditation scheme and policy, environmental sustainability, protected areas, cultural studies, interpretation, Edupreneurship, Healthpreneurship and pharmacies, Digital Art, Fashion and Innovation, Creative Culinary, Entrepreneurial Dynamics.